Cepíd-Cemeai: Study Group in Brazil

The workshop “Mathematical Solutions of Industrial Problems” took place in São Carlos, Brazil, from 8 to 11 of september. During these days, Latin-American students, brazilian researchers and posdocs of several countries discussed problems presented by institutions from Brazil and other countries, as Sweden and Israel. More than 100 (mostly graduate) students participated of the meeting. At the end, each team presented a report that was discussed with all the participants. It is expected that this would be the first step towards long-term agreements of collaboration between Academy and Industry. The workshop was organized by the Center of Research of Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry (Cemeai), The main strategy of this center is to build a solid infrastructure in terms of human resources, advanced computational equipment, collaboration opportunities and other facilities in order to promote interdisciplinary cooperation with industry and, more specifically, with the manufacturing, government and service sectors. Cemeai is a Cepid-project funded by Fapesp, the agency that supports most of the scientific research of the State of Sao Paulo. More details are available at http://www.cemeai.icmc.usp.br

Jose Mario Martinez

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