Center for Mathematical Morphology (CMM), MINES ParisTech

MINES ParisTech, the Ecole des Mines de Paris (ENSMP), is one of the oldest French higher public education institutions in engineering, with a teaching staff of 286 research professors, working on 18 research centres extending over five different departments (earth sciences and environment, energy and process engineering, mechanical engineering and materials, mathematics and systems, economics, management and society).

MINES ParisTech is a founder member of Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University (PSL Research University).

With the support of ARMINES, its research association partner, MINES ParisTech is the leading school in France for its volume of contractual research (a €30 million turnover including contracts with business partners). Major research themes are essentially based on problems raised by industry, including multinational companies as ArcelorMittal, EDF, TOTAL, RENAULT, PSA, SNECMA, GDF and SAINT-GOBAIN, as well as society as a whole.

The Center for Mathematical Morphology (CMM) is one of the research laboratories of the Department of Mathematics and Systems. Since it was founded in 1967, the CMM has contributed to the growth and dissemination of the theoretical and algorithmic corpus of mathematical morphology, making use of very broad fields of application, thereby providing a rich experimental terrain for the development of new concepts and tools. Its activities are centred around collaboration with industry, research and teaching.

CMM Building, in Fontainebleau Campus

Domains of application of research done at CMM are broad, ranging from multimedia, architecture design and programming, bio-medical, industrial control, remote sensing to physics of heterogeneous media (random structure modelling and homogenization).

Training at the PhD level is one of the top priorities of the CMM. About 12 Ph.D. students follow a doctoral programme on nonlinear image processing, pattern recognition and stochastic geometry.

Together with the University of Kaiserslautern and Fraunhofer ITWM, the CMM has a common French/German doctoral college on mathematical image processing.

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