Berlin: Successful kick-off meeting for SIG MaDiFa

The kick-off meeting for the ECMI Special Interest Group “Math for the Digital Factory” took place at the Weierstrass Institute, Berlin, financially supported by WIAS and MATHEON, from 7 to 9 May 2014. Participants from 10 European countries and Japan, 41 from academia and 10 from industry discussed scientific challenges related to digital manufacturing. In 22 talks participants discussed topics like multibody and PDE systems of production processes, discrete and continuous models of production planning as well as aspects of energy efficiency related to machine tools and more complex production systems, see the detailed program

In an extra session funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 related to NMP were discussed. A member of the European technology platform Manufuture provided insight in the preparation of new framework calls related to production.

Based on the talks in the workshop and additional contributions a new book in the ECMI subseries of the Springer Math in Industry series is in preparation, editiors are L. Ghezzi, (ABB Italy), D. Hömberg (WIAS Berlin) and C. Landry (Zurich University of Applied Sciences).


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