Representation of ECMI in AIP2017

In the 9th Applied Inverse Problems Conference (AIP 2017), Hangzhou, China, two presentations were given by Adérito Araújo (vice president) and Leonidas Mindrinos (council member). Both of them were presented in the mini-symposium: ”Inverse problems in quantitative optical and electrical tomography” organized by L. Mindrinos (Computational Science Center, University of Vienna) and K. Knudsen (Technical […]

Optical modelling of the human retina

The human retina is a complex structure in the eye that is responsible for the sense of vision. It is part of the central nervous system, composed by several layers, among which the outer nuclear layer that comprises the cells bodies of light sensitive photoreceptor cells (rods and cones). There are a number of eye-related […]

A Laboratory for Computational Mathematics in Coimbra

The University of Coimbra (UC) was founded in 1290 and constitutes a reference in higher education and scientific research in Portugal, with excellent academic reputation recognized worldwide. It includes 8 faculties and 32 research centres, providing teaching and conducting research in almost all study fields, as well as several structures devoted to promote science and […]

Multiobjective Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem

My name is André Oliveira and I’m a student at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and I’m currently taking my master’s degree in statistics, optimization and financial mathematics. During the first year of my masters I studied each of these fields, never having a clue about what I […]

Elías Gudiño: PhD in Mathematics at Coimbra University

My name is Elías Gudiño, I’m from Venezuela and I completed my PhD in Mathematics in February of 2014 at the Mathematics Department of the University of Coimbra. I was part of the joint PhD program in Mathematics of the University of Porto and the University of Coimbra. In the Centre for Mathematics of the […]