Course Scenario Generation and Scenario Reduction for Stochastic Programming

we would like to inform you that from 4th to 12th of June, Prof. Dr. Werner Römisch, Dept. of Mathematics, Humboldt University (Berlin) will visit ITMATI to give the course: “Scenario Generation and Scenario Reduction for Stochastic Programming”. The course will take 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th […]

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ECMI Modelling Week 2015

Between July 19 and July 26 2015, the Department of Mathematics of the IST-UL and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Coimbra organise the  ECMI-Modelling Week 2015. This event will take place at the IST-UL and will gather more than 60 mathematics students  from ECMI institutions from various European […]

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Unique opportunity to solve industrial problems together with university scholars

We want to inform about the upcoming workshop at Institut Mittag-Leffler, Stockholm, August 17-21, 2015: Swedish Study Group Mathematics in Industry.  The Study Group Format This is a workshop for interaction between companies and mathematicians in academia based on the Oxford Study Group format. The meeting spans one week and will gather about 25-30 mathematicians […]

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A new ECMI SIG: Math for the Digital Factory

Background Around one in ten of all enterprises in the EU-27’s non-financial business economy were classified to manufacturing in 2009, a total of 2.0 million enterprises. The manufacturing sector employed 31 million persons in 2009, generated 5.812 billion Euro of turnover and 1.400 billion Euro of value added. (source: Eurostat). […]

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