Mathematical Technology as a key tool for Industry 4.0

The Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry (math-in) promoted a Mini-symposium in the framework of the XXV Congress of Differential Equations and Applications / XV Congress of Applied Mathematics (CEDYA + CMA 2017) celebrated on 28 and 29 June 2017 in Cartagena (Spain). The special session (SE 11), entitled “Mathematical technology as a key tool for Industry 4.0: some success stories”, was focused on showing the growing potential of mathematical technology as a key tool for innovation, allowing companies and administrations to move forward the challenges of the Industry 4.0 strategy. Additionally, the main capacities and background of the research groups, members of math-in, were shown. The speakers demonstrated the success of real collaborations between companies/administrations and research groups thanks to the transferred mathematical technology.

Details regarding the presentations are detailed below:

  • Castañon Quiroz, Daniel (BCAM)
    “Optimization of a nozzle design for 3D printing with laser by numerical simulation of multiphase turbulent fluid using FEniCS-HPC”
  • Charco Romero, María (CSIC-UCM)
    “Near real-time monitoring of volcanic surface deformation from Finite Element models”
  • Durany Castrillo, José (MAI)
    “Numerical simulation of thermal-elastic-hydrodynamic performance of thrust bearings in ships propulsion”
  • Gómez Pedreira, Mª Dolores (mat+i)
    “Numerical simulation of induction hardening on ferromagnetic parts for the automotive industry”
  • Mancho Sánchez, Ana Mª (EDA, ICMAT)
    Lagrangian descriptors and the management of the Oleg Naydenov oil spill”
  • Nicolás Ávila, Begoña (mat+i, USC)
    “Numerical Simulation of a Jet Impact during Casting Process in a Blast Furnace”
  • Pérez Pérez, Luis Javier (mat+i, USC)
    “Numerical Simulation of a Thermo-Hydrodynamical Problem in a Blast Furnace Route”
  • Rodríguez García, Jerónimo (mat+I, USC, ITMATI)
    “Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Li-Ion Batteries for the Electric Vehicle”


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