New MSc at the University of Oxford – ‘OMMS’

The new Oxford Master’s in Mathematical Sciences (or ‘OMMS’) will admit its first cohort of students in 2018-19. This master’s degree spans interdisciplinary applications of mathematics as well as recognizing fundamental questions and themes.  Students can choose from many different pathways, tailoring the programme to their individual interests and requirements. Examples of pathways include: data […]

Modelling deep-sea oil spills

(by Rachel Philip.) In a deep-sea oil spill, a broken pipe near the seabed (containing a mixture of oil and water) can result in the release of a high-speed jet into the surrounding ocean. The jet’s shearing motion will typically cause the oil to break up into smaller droplets, which are then more easily dispersed […]

UTM-CIAM: A cooperation of UTM with OCIAM

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia has founded a Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2012 in cooperation with OCIAM. They have already held three Study Groups with Industry in 2011, 2014, and 2015. Currently Assoc. Prof. Ali H. M. Murid and PhD student Amir S. A. Hamzah are visiting OCIAM […]

Communities in time-dependent networks

My name is Marya Bazzi and I recently finished my PhD in applied mathematics at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The main focus of my thesis is cluster (or community) detection in time-dependent networks. But before going into that, a little bit of context: I started my studies with an undergraduate degree […]

OCIAM – Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

OCIAM (Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) was born in 1989 when a small group of practical applied mathematicians moved from the Mathematical Institute in Oxford into a separate building across the road. From a beginning of 6 faculty members with Alan Tayler as its first director and a handful of students OCIAM has […]