Professor Aleksander Weron awarded honorary ECMI membership

During Monday welcome reception at ECMI conference 2023 professor Aleksander Weron was awarded honorary ECMI membership in recognition of his contributions to applied and industrial mathematics.

During his long career Aleksander Weron has been researching a surprising range of diverse topics from both pure and applied mathematics. He is the editor or author of 13 books and over 140 research papers on probability theory, stochastic processes and their applications to physics, biology and economy. A prominent example of his earlier theoretical research is the development of the α-stable variable Banach space theory; he was also studying ergodic theory of α-stable and infinitely divisible processes.

His applied works include stochastic methods of financial engineering and long, fruitful cooperation with both theoretical and experimental physicists. He has been developing the theory of anomalous diffusion together with the related fractional differential equations.

As an organiser, Aleksander Weron is the founder of Hugo Steinhaus Center of applied mathematics. He also created Financial and Insurance Mathematics and later Applied Mathematics degree courses in Wrocław, both among the first of their kind in Poland and among the top rated.

Outside the mathematical research, Aleksander Weron is a tireless popularizator of life and works of Hugo Steinhas and most importantly, and irreplaceable mentor and friend to Wrocław mathematical community.

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