Current and Upcoming Vacancies at MACSI

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Prof Michael Vynnycky is recruiting for a PhD student in the area of solvent infiltration and swelling in granule and tablet dissolution More info here

The SFI Centre for Research Training is currently open to applications  for PhDs in the area of statistics, applied mathematics and machine learning. More info here


Live positions can be applied to via the UL HR website

Postdoctoral researchers


Prof Norma Bargary currently has a number of positions open for postdoctoral researchers and research fellow. Looking for people with a statistics background ideally with experience of developing statistical models and algorithms to analyse high-throughput, high-dimensional data.

Open positions

Post Doctoral Researcher in Statistics and Data Analytics. Apply online: Job ID :  041728

Post Doctoral Researcher/Research Fellow in Statistics and Data Analytics Apply online: ID :       041928

Applied Mathematics

Prof James Gleeson may have upcoming positions shortly, for more information about James’ area of research please see his profile:

Email for more information.

Prof Michael Vynncyky may have a position in the area of mathematical modelling of drug release and physicochemical processes. Email

Other positions

We are always looking for talented researchers to join our ranks of PhD, PDRA and Faculty.

If you have established research record in the area of statistics or applied mathematics please contact with a CV.

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