Associate Senior Lecturer in Mathematics for Applied Optimization


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Karlstad University is recruiting an associate senior lecturer in Mathematics with a specialization in applied optimization. The position is a fixed-term full-time appointment over four years which is intended to complement and strengthen ongoing research and educational activities in Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Karlstad University has a research and teaching staff of more than 70 persons and conducts research in two main areas, Mathematics and Computer Science. In the Mathematics area, the research is specialized in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education. The research in mathematics is driven by problem formulations inspired by real world applications with a focus on multiscale modeling, methods of analysis and simulation for partial differential equations (PDE), kinetic theory, functional analysis, interacting particle systems, error correcting codes, and information theory. For more details, see 

The Mathematics subject is also greatly involved in education and is responsible for many courses in Engineering and Education degree programmes, as well as for the Bachelor programme in Mathematics.


The duties are primarily related to research activities and research administration. The position also involves mathematics teaching (up to 25%) and supervision at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. Other important tasks include cooperating with the business sector, connecting questions asked by businesses to applied mathematics methods, and contributing to the development of research questions related to optimization in other areas of research (for instance through solving optimization problems in computer science).

Applicants are expected to contribute actively to the development of the research team in Mathematics through carrying out research of high international standard and through working to enhance and maintain their own professional networks. Applicants are also expected to work independently while performing as part of a team, for instance through promoting interaction and cooperation with other departments at the University and with society at large, both locally and internationally.

For working environment and development reasons, duties require attendance at the university on a daily basis.

Qualification requirements

To be eligible for the position, applicants are required to hold a PhD in Mathematics with a specialization in applied optimization broadly seen, or equivalent (for instance, computation aspects of large-scale combinatoric optimization problems, robust optimization, applied stochastic processes/modelling, solving optimization problems in machine learning, Bayesian statistics, inverse problems, calculation aspects of stochastic optimal control, non-equilibrium statistical physics of large networks, stochastically interacting particle systems, industrial mathematics), or have corresponding research competence. The position is primarily intended for applicants who have completed their PhD no longer than five years before the application deadline, or who have acquired the corresponding competence in that time. This requirement may be waived if there are special circumstances.

The position requires good knowledge of Swedish and English. If some of the necessary language skills are lacking, an applicant can still be employed based on the ability to work actively to acquire such skills. Very good oral and written communication skills in English are required.

According to the Karlstad University regulations on appointments, teachers must have the personal qualifications required to fulfill the duties associated with the employment, they must be able to cooperate and treat colleagues and students with respect, and they must take responsibility for the work at the department and their own tasks as well as contribute to a good working environment. Teachers must also have completed courses in higher education pedagogy. In special circumstances, these courses may be completed within two years of employment as part of the professional development commitment. For more information on qualification requirements, see the Karlstad University regulations on appointments.

Special weight will be given to:

  • research experience relevant for the position, especially over the past five years
  • well-documented ability to cooperate with business partners
  • well-documented ability to cooperate with partners in areas other than Mathematics (especially in Computer Science and/or Physics and Engineering)

Weight will be given to:

  • personal qualities such as commitment, initiative, and the ability to cooperate and maintain good relations with colleagues and students
  • experience of applying for external research funding
  • experience of cooperating with others in national and international research projects
  • well-documented experience of teaching mathematics at the university level
  • experience of supervision at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels
  • how well plans for future research complement and relate to current research in Mathematics at Karlstad University
  • the ability to work independently

Terms of employment

The position is a full-time, fixed-term employment over four years, starting as soon as possible.

Further information

Karlstad University values the advantages offered by gender equality and diversity. We welcome applicants of any gender and with any background, able-bodiedness, and life experience.


Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application in accordance with the advertisement before deadline and for ensuring that the documentation allows for objective and qualitative assessments. An incomplete application may jeopardise a fair assessment of qualifications.

The application should include:

  • a cover letter describing why the applicant is interested in the announced position,
  • a CV, including names of three references,
  • a research statement (including a brief description of the main research ideas the applicant wishes to pursue at Karlstad University),
  • a detailed account of research and teaching activities
  • an account of experience in management, collaboration, and administration,
  • a list of publications,
  • a research plan,
  • copies of certificates, references and degree certificates,
  • a maximum of ten academic publications,
  • and a maximum of five works intended to disseminate knowledge, for instance textbooks, computer programs for teaching, or articles on popular science.

Applications are to be submitted via the online recruitment system Varbi. Attach all the documents and publications you wish to be considered to the electronic application (do not just provide links to them).

Documents that cannot be submitted electronically should be sent in three copies to:

Karlstads universitet
State the ref. no: REK 2020/242.
Last day of application: 21 March 2021
We look forward to your application!