Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cybersecurity at BCAM

We are looking for one postdoctoral fellow to join the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics.

PI in charge: Prof. J.A. Lozano
Requirements: ·       Applicants must have their PhD completed before the contract starts. PhD degree in Computer Science or related field.

·       Strong background in Mathematics.

Skills and track-record: ·       Knowledge and experience in cybersecurity.

·       Knowledge and experience in the development, use and application of Machine Learning techniques, mainly in the field of cybersecurity.

·       Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

·       Strong programming skills.

·       Ability to read scientific publications and implement algorithms.

·       Good interpersonal skills.

·       Ability to effectively communicate and present research ideas to researchers and stakeholders with different backgrounds.

·       Demonstrated high level written and oral communication skills.

·       Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative research team.

·       Good command of spoken and written English.

Principal duties and responsibilities: ·       Carry out research in the field of cybersecurity and participate in applied research projects in this field.

·       Carry out cybersecurity initiatives in BCAM.

·       Collaborate with the Basque CyberSecurity Centre (BCSC).

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Deadline for applications: 31st August, 2020

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