Research Opportunities in Barcelona

Candidates are sought to apply for  various Post-doctoral positions being offered by the Spanish Ministry of Science, to work within the Industrial Mathematics group at the Centre de Recerca Matematica ( in Barcelona. Current IM group research interests include:

Carbon capture by adsorption; Heat transfer and phase change (at the macro and nanoscale); Nanocrystal growth; Nanofluid based solar collectors.

Current post-doctoral grants:

  1. Juan de la Cierva – Formación and Incorporación. Applications open between 17 Dec. 2019 to 21 Jan. 2020.
  2. Ramon y Cajal. Applications between 12 Dec. 2019 to 14 January 2020.

Results from applications are expected in September 2020. Successful applicants would normally take up the grants in early 2021.

For more information on the application process and research interests of the IM group contact: Prof. Tim Myers,

General research articles may be found at T. Myers Google Scholar

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