VACANCY: Post Doctoral Researcher in Mathematical Modelling of Lithium ion Batteries

LOCATION: University of Limerick

REPORTS TO: Professor Michael Vynnycky

CONTRACT TYPE: Specific Purpose

SALARY SCALE: €37,874- €49,048 p.a. pro rata

Further information for applicants and application material is available online from:



  • Doctoral degree (level 10 NFQ) in mathematical modelling or related discipline with significant modelling and computational content.

The Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) is Ireland’s largest applied and industrial mathematics group and works closely with scientists and industrial companies across a wide variety of sectors. MACSI’s aim is to foster new collaborative research, in particular on problems that arise in industry through the application of cutting-edge mathematical and modelling techniques.

Si-Drive is a H2020 funded consortium of 16 partners coordinated by University of Limerick starting in 2019   to deliver the next generation of super-high specific energy Li-ion batteries for automotive applications. The technology relies on cutting edge materials components at the anode (ultra-lightweight Si active material), electrolyte (safe, stable ionic liquids) and cathodes (Co-free Li-rich cathodes with high specific capacity and high voltage). Combination and optimisation of these novel materials will allow the preparation of Li-ion batteries with i) high energy density, ii) long cycle life, iii) fast charging ,iv) improved safety, v) lower cost and high supply certainty. Furthermore, material recycling and circular economy will be considered from the outset for this chemistry, through the development of modular prototype cells allowing not only recovery of materials but also deployment in stationary storage applications for 2nd life (and beyond).

The successful candidate will join the Si Drive and MACSI teams as part of the work-package of the programme which involves battery validation and modelling.

The Post Doctoral Researcher will use mathematical modelling to find electrode microstructural geometries that minimise the performance loss associated with swelling and contraction.



  • Participate in collaborative research with industry and across the University of Limerick.
  • Publish and present research outcomes.
  • Identify new opportunities for industrial and interdisciplinary research.
  • Identify and exploit funding opportunities.
  • Organise research workshops.


Essential Criteria


  • Doctoral degree (level 10 NFQ) completed, in mathematical modelling or related discipline with significant modelling and computational content.
  • Highly proficient in the use of at least one high-level computing language (e.g., MATLAB, Python etc.).
  • Well-developed ability to communicate technical concepts to non-experts.
  • Ability to liaise and collaborate with other researchers in the University and Industrial clients.


Desirable Criteria


  • Experience in model development for use within the battery or related industry.
  • Previous industrial experience.
  • Experience of Industrial Research & Development and awareness of the importance of Intellectual Property management and protection.
  • Demonstrated strong organisational skills.
  • Evidence of participation in interdisciplinary research projects.

Please email if you experience any difficulties

Please email Professor Michael Vynnycky ( with email informal queries.

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