Two Research Technician positions at BCAM

Applications are invited for two research technician positions at BCAM, the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics. The selected candidates will work at BCAM’s Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU). The aim of the KTU is to develop mathematical solutions for scientific challenges based on real-life applications.

The candidates will collaborate on knowledge transfer projects with industry and research entities, one in Statistical and Machine Learning data analysis consultation and the other in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Interested candidates are invited to fill the following application forms:

Data Science Research Technician:

CFD Research Technician:

About BCAM:

The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, BCAM, is a world-class research center in the field of Applied Mathematics located in Bilbao (Spain). Its main goal is promoting scientific and technological advances worldwide through the interdisciplinary research in Mathematics, and the training and attracting of talented scientists.

Embedded in a multicultural environment, with more than 90 people from over 25 nationalities working at the center, BCAM is a young center -where the average age of researchers is lower than 35- that provides the right atmosphere for research and promotes the creation of hard-working international and interdisciplinary teams.

One of BCAM’s most important missions is to spread knowledge and technology in the industry and society in general. It is critical for the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics to transfer the obtained research results to sectors as biosciences, health, energy, advanced manufacturing, telecommunications and transport, including local, national and international entities.



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