AMIES – French network of mathematics for industry and society – is renewed by the French government for the period 2020 – 2024

AMIES is a founding member of Eu-Maths-In. Since 2011, AMIES has set programs in order to develop relationships between academic math departments and companies in France, with a particular focus on SMEs.

  • More than 120 innovative research projects – PEPS – in collaboration with a company have been co-funded by AMIES. As an example, let us mention the project with Inria Sophia-Antipolis and the startup ExactCure: The goal of this collaboration was to use a digital twin for personally tuning the parameters controlling the absorption and distribution of drugs in the human body. The algorithms proposed relied on dynamical systems and control theories (more details on the pdf file).
  • 25 study weeks for Ph.D. students – SEME -have been organized by AMIES. During these weeks, Ph.D. students work on subjects proposed by companies.
  • A yearly forum – FEM – is organized with SMAI (Applied and Industrial Maths Society) and SFdS (French Society of Statistics) since 2013. It gathers maths students, mathematicians, and industries, in Paris.
  • 8000 students (Ph.D., master) are impacted by AMIES’ programs, 250 companies (70% of which are SMEs) interact directly with AMIES’ programs, more than 500 companies interact indirectly.

An international committee reviewed AMIES activities and project and concluded:

“The AMIES LabEx is an outstanding success story in the distribution of high-level mathematics in SME and industries. The high level of activity of the LabEx is confirmed by the actions completed. The MSO network of academies is developing interactions between groups in universities and industries; the PEPS programs support research collaborations between universities and industries, the SEMEs program supports Ph.D. students working on subjects of interest for companies, and the FEM program gathers together the mathematics communities and industries for broader impacts of this LabEx. (…)

Participation in EU calls will be supported and incentivized thanks to the EU network.

The project for the upcoming years is noteworthy and ambitious. There are robust plans on relevant scientific topics.”

The 2020 – 2024 project includes leverage actions toward European funding and is turned toward mathematics for Industry 4.0,  numerical economy and health including artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, data analytics, and modeling simulation and optimization in a data-rich environment.

AMIES is funded by the French government through the Future Investment Program. It is supported by CNRS, Inria and Université Grenoble Alpes.

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