Professional integration survey with math-in Master degrees in France in 2018

After the survey conducted in 2017 on professional integration just after obtaining a master degree mathematics-enterprise oriented, The French Agency for Mathematics in Interaction with Enterprises and Society (AMIES) has relaunched a new one in September 2018. Here are the conclusions:

  1. Of 739 graduates (in 2018) of 39 masters of applied mathematics,
    a. nearly 14% were in alternance training;
    b. less than 5% are continuing studies;
    c. out of further education, nearly 74% are in employment right out of the master.
  2. Of those who are employed,
    a. 56% are on permanent contracts;
    b. almost 27% are pursuing PhDs;
    c. and nearly 17% are on temporary position (excluding thesis).
    d. About 39% pursue in the same company as their internship.

The original AMIES post is here