The ECMI 2019 Modelling Week/ VI Iberian Modelling Week (ECMI2019 MW/ VI IMW) will take place from 7th to 13th   July 2019 in Seville, Spain, at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Seville (IMUS). It is co-organized by the European Consortium for Mathematics and Industry(ECMI), the Spanish Networks for Mathematics-Industry (math-in) and the Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (PT-MATHS-IN), and is part of the satellite meetings to the 9th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2019) that will be held in Valencia from July 15th to 19th.

This ECMI and Iberian Modelling Week join together to present, in a unique format, a challenging Modelling Week a week before ICIAM 2019-Valencia Congress. The travel expenses on July 14th from Seville to Valencia will be included for participants of the ECMI2019 MW/ VI IMW attending the ICIAM 2019.

This is an open call for researchers and companies interested in proposing a problem to be analysed and solved in this ECMI2019 MW/ VI IMW.

There will be a selection of ten problems concerning all mathematical technology fields. The selection process will be made for the Scientific Committee of ECMI2019 MW/ VI IMW. It will be also important to propitiate the diversity in the origin of instructors and in the type of problems.

Please note that the deadline for applications is September 30th, 2018, sand must be sent to Mr. Francisco Guillen-Gonzalez,, with the following information:

  • Instructor’s name
  • Affiliation
  • Brief description of the problem (tentative title, description, how to deal with, challenging aspects)
  • Mathematical background about the problem (if any)
  • Researcher collaborators (if any)

For more information click in the link

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