The Era of Mathematics – Review Findings on Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences Published

A new report was launched recently at the House of Lords; the Era of Mathematics – an Independent Review of Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematics “We live in the era of mathematics. Its influence permeates economic and social activity and its influence and impact are profound. Yet its role is not well understood, we are not […]

MACSI wins a Knowledge Transfer Ireland Research Impact Award for a Second Year in a Row!

A Project led by MACSI PhD Student Kevin Brosnan with Drs David O’Sullivan and Kevin Burke was awarded the 2018 Knowledge Transfer Ireland Research Consultancy Impact Award. The judges found that  Consultancy Impact Award winners, ‘University of Limerick and Xtract 360 Ltd’ were a compelling case for how a company can achieve value through accessing short term advice and expertise […]

Inferring the Structure of Galaxies with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

The popular and beautiful galaxy images provided from telescopes like the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope or the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, enabled astronomers to a plethora of studies that greatly improved our knowledge of the Universe and its evolution. In particular the structure of the galaxies can be effectively characterized from their surface light profile […]

A PhD in the DAAD Program “Mathematics in Industry and Commerce”

  Agent Based Modeling of Spatially Inhomogeneous Host-Vector Disease Transmission In recent years disease transmission has been studied intensively. In these models, disease transmission represents the contact between host individuals in directly transmitted diseases, or between host and vector individuals in host-vector diseases. A series of different models for vector-bourne diseases such as Dengue fever […]

DYMARA – A dynamic manikin with fiber-based modeling of skeletal muscles

This project aims at the development of a fiber-based modeling approach for the behavior of muscles within the musculoskeletal system. Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, three departments of the Fraunhofer ITWM Kaiserslautern, TU Kaiserslautern and FAU Erlangen join forces in this project, along with the industrial partners fleXstructures GmbH and […]

Flow of Blood: Coupling hyperbolic PDEs with switched DAEs

Modeling the flow of blood in the human circulatory system is a challenging task involving many mathematical aspects. In this joined project of the TU Kaiserslautern and the University of Groningen funded by the DFG SPP1962 Priority Program  we study hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs) with boundary conditions driven by switched differential algebraic equations (DAEs). The […]

Academia or Industry – A PhD student in between

Academia or industry – many students are facing this question at the end of their studies. My name is Matthias Andres and I am a PhD student of the Technomathematics group at the TU Kaiserslautern. During my studies and several internships I got in touch with applied mathematics in industry projects. When finishing my Master’s […]

Shape Optimization for Energy-efficient High Temperature Processes

The energy transition will only be a success story if the consumption of fossil-fuel can be significantly reduced. In Germany, 40 % of the heat consumption takes place in the industrial sector and thereof 90 % are used for process heat. Since high temperature processes go normally hand in hand with extreme thermal losses, it […]