Success story: JRU Repsol-ITMATI

Founded jointly with the enterprise Respol, the main goal of the Joint Research Unit Repsol-ITMATI (JRU Repsol-ITMATI) is the research on mathematical and numerical methods for solving problems found in the Repsol daily activity: devices and processes simulation and optimization.

The JRU Repsol-ITMATI carries out innovative research lines in the border of the energetic sector knowledge, such as:

  • To enhance the operative live of the batteries used in electric vehicles.
  • To improve the fast load process of batteries.
  • To include decision-making processes in the industrial plants planning. This new processes take into account the uncertainties in raw materials prices, demands and quality.
  • To deduce rigorous and complex models of chemical and physical phenomena from limited samples.

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By Carolina Alfonsin

Math-In Net

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