Being an ECMI student

My name is Ana Pavlović and I’ve recently completed my mastanaer’s degree in Applied mathematics, at Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences at University of Novi Sad. In my opinion, being a student is one of the most important steps in shaping a young mind. I spontaneously engaged in studies of Applied Maths, dedicated most of my time to it and turned out to get the same amount of satisfaction and inspiration, which I find as a great privilege.

In most of the high school classes there are students who claim that mathematics is their favorite subject, furthermore, they usually look like they are in love with i
t, as if the mathematical task in front of them is the most interesting thing in the world. Well I used to be one of those kids and I still am. Picking a university was an easy choice in my case, since I had heard a lot of great things about Department of Mathematics and Informatics in Novi Sad. Those stories turned out to be modest, because DMI is like a whole new world, there is no single professor or assistant who will leave you indifferent. I didn’t just learn the mathematics, my whole worldview has been changed thanks to them.

After Bachelors I enrolled in Master program of Applied mathematics – Financial mathematics. The atmosphere at DMI is inspiring indeed, it pushes you to break through your imaginary limits and gets you out of your comfort zone. Thanks to DMI’s wide network and ECMI, I was able to take part in ECMI Modelling Week in Sofia and to spend the first semester of my final year at University of Verona, in Italy. Modelling Week represents an outstanding experience where one has an opportunity, not just to learn, but also to meet new friends, and grasp new ideas which result from different perspectives. Semester in Italy was a unique experience as well, where I had the chance to be part of a multicultural environment and see how people with different backgrounds work on the same subject, what their goals are and how they deal with different kinds of problems. Moreover, the exchange program is an opportunity to learn about yourself, to expand your horizons in all possible ways and tocollaborate with people from all over the world.

ECMI provides the students with a great deal of freedom and once you engage in this adventure, you will quickly realize all the benefits of studying at one of the ECMI’s nodes. Once you become part of this community, you will feel as part of a large family where everyone shares the same passion for mathematics.

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