Post-Doctoral positions in Industrial Mathematics

There are currently two opportunities to join the Industrial Mathematics Research Group at the Centre de Recerca Matemática in Barcelona.

  1. For PhDs awarded between Jan 1st 2011 – Dec 31st 2013,


  1. For PhDs awarded between Jan 1st 2009 – Dec 31st 2014

Beatriu de Pinós 2016

Both calls are competitive and currently open, with submission deadlines of 25th November and 1st December respectively.

The Industrial Mathematics Research Group consists of the group leader, Prof. Tim Myers, 2 post-doctoral fellows and 3 PhD students. The CRM consists of 25 researchers in total. Local collaborators of the IM group include members of the Inorganic Nanoparticles Group at the Catalan Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; the Department of Physics at the U. Autonoma de Barcelona; mathematicians at UAB and U. Politecnica de Catalunya.The group also has strong links to research centres in Ireland, Canada, the UK, Australia and South Africa.


Current research projects include: optimising nanocrystal growth; mathematical models of heat transfer at the nanoscale; phase change; nanofluid flow for solar energy capture; flow with evaporation. Other topics of interest may be found at Tim Myers’ Google Scholar page

For further information please contact Tim Myers (