Applied Mathematics – Data Science Master Program

Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Science University of Novi Sad is starting with a new two year (120 ECTS) master program Applied Mathematics – Data Science from October 2016. The program will be in English and is designed in close cooperation with Biosense Research Institute ( and Engineering Department at University of Novi Sad.

The purpose of the program APPLIED MATHEMATICS – DATA SCIENCE is education of professionals in Data Science – Applied Mathematics, with the academic degree Master in mathematics. There are two elective modules: data analytics and high performance computing. Students choose between the two modules in the third semester, while the first two semesters are common to all students. Students of the first module (Data Analytics) focus on the task of extracting knowledge from data, utilizing machine learning, optimization, and signal processing tools. Students of the second module (High Performance Computing) focus on the computer engineering issues of storing, managing and manipulating large volumes of data; their expertise will be on databases, high performance computing, and similar computer engineering aspects, observed through mathematical and computer science perspective. Students from both modules will be qualified to work in a very wide range of application doma ins, including business, finance, agriculture, medicine and industry.

The overall objective of the program is to provide students with competitive, up to date knowledge and tools in Data Science. While all students acquire the common needed fundamentals on Data Science in the first two semesters, in the third semester they specialize and choose one of the two modules: Data Analytics or High Performance Computing. The backbone of the fundamental knowledge will be acquired through 9 obligatory courses. These courses cover the needed knowledge and skills in several data science related disciplines, including optimization and machine learning, graph theory and networks, and software/programming.

Students of the first module (data analytics) will be qualified to work in organizations  where knowledge is extracted from data, leading to added value to the organization. The students will be able to achieve this through the skills in machine learning, optimization, and algorithms that they will acquire. Sectors of potential employment include telecom, power systems, business, finance, agriculture/agrifood, medicine, etc.

Students of the second module (high performance computing) will be qualified to work in companies which deal with cloud computing and, more generally, in companies which develop technologies for managing big data. This includes, e.g., telecom sector, internet providers, and more broadly, any company which requires management of large volumes of data, including, e.g., power systems, business, finance, medicine, biology/genetics, etc.

The enrollment condition for Applied Mathematics – Data science program is completed undergraduate academic studies in mathematics, computer science or relevant fields of engineering with at least 180 ECTS. The candidates ordering is based upon the average grade and duration of the undergraduate academic studies.

The list of courses and more details are available at and

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  • This is a very extensive Data Science training system that will help students learn all the important concepts of Data Science and become experts in the modules they prefer. With education like this the future of Data Science is a bright one!

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