Modeling scattered electromagnetic waves

  by Leonidas Mindrinos (Computational Science Center, University of Vienna, Austria) In many applications, like material parameter investigation and nondestructive testing, arises the inverse problem of reconstructing the position, the shape and / or the properties of a cavity or an inclusion from given measurements. A good knowledge of […]

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100 Years of the Radon Transform

Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the publication of the paper “Über die Bestimmung von Funktionen durch ihre Integralwerte längs gewisser Mannigfaltigkeiten” by Johann Radon. On the occasion of this anniversary the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) is organizing a conference with the title: […]

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Detecting cell motion during early embryogenesis

by Lukas F. Lang (RICAM, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria) l… Our main motivation is to estimate cell motion in time-lapse volumetric microscopy images depicting fluorescently labelled cells of a live zebrafish embryo. It has been only recently possible to obtain high-resolution observations of biological model organisms such as the […]

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