2016 Summer School in Computational Biology

The Computational Biology network at the University of Coimbra is pleased to announce the 2016 Summer School in Computational Biology – from molecules to tissues, to be held in Coimbra on 5th to 15th September 2016. This will be an introductory course targeted to students from the M. Sc. to post-doctoral levels with either biological or exact sciences backgrounds who wish to acquire skills in Computational Biology. It will include introductory lectures, courses on specialized Computational Biology topics, seminars on recent developments, and mini-research projects. There will be two parallel tracks of introductory lectures: A. Mathematics and physics for students with a life sciences background; B. Biology for students with an exact sciences background.


In order to apply, please send a CV to computational.biology@uc.pt no later than July 22, indicating also which introductory track you intend to follow.

Registration and accommodation fees of the selected candidates will be modest.
For further information please see http://www.uc.pt/en/iii/initiatives/cbuc/CBSS2.

Hope to see you in Coimbra.

Adérito Araújo

On behalf of the Computational Biology Network at the University of Coimbra

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