Hot Business- from Blast Furnaces to Computational Finance

MathConsult GmbH was founded in 1996 by Heinz W. Engl as a research & development company for industrial mathematics, realizing that certain aspects of mathematical problem solving cannot be achieved by university institutes. A company can offer continuity of staff, can handle routine problems (university institutes would not be allowed to) and can develop commercial software that is supported and maintained.

I have been acting as Managing Director of MathConsult since then, and I really enjoy the combination of ambitious mathematics and the relations to our customers. Currently, we have an R&D staff of 20. Our employees have degrees in mathematics, physics or computer science, more than 50 percent even a Ph.D.



sample results of a blast furnace simulation


We have been working on modelling and simulation in iron and steel industries, automotive industries, equipment for astronomy, and in finance industries, to name a few application fields. Mathematically, we often deal with systems of differential equations, parameter identification problems, and with the development / adaption / implementation of solvers which are fast enough to fulfill customers’ requirements.

And sometimes, we even write books.


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