ECMI 2014 Conference

The 18th European Conference on Mathematics for IndustryImage

The conference will focus on various aspects of industrial and applied mathematics, such as Aerospace, Information and Communication, Energy, Imaging, Biology and Biotechnology, Finance, Education. Specific topics will include, among others:

  • Mathematical models in life science
  • Material science and semiconductors
  • Mathematical methods in environment
  • Design automation and industrial applications
  • Computational finance

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Philip Maini, from the Centre for Mathematical Biology, Oxford, is a world leader on mathematical and computational modelling of temporal and spatiotemporal phenomena in a number of areas in the life sciences, including developmental biology, wound healing, cancer biology and bacterial chemotaxis.

Prof. Alfio Quarteroni, from the Polythecnic of Lousanne and from Politecnico di Milano, devoted the last twentyfive years to numerical modelling. He founded the MOX center at Polytechnic of Milano, he is Director and founder of the Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering (MATHICSE). His research interests are mainly devoted to numerical simulation of systems governed by partial differential equations, with real world applications. Here we just mention his primary role in the design and optimization of the Alinghi boat that won the America’s cup in 2007, and in hemodynamics in circulatory system at MOX.

The conference will continue with Prof. Sylvie Méléard, from the Centre de Mathématiques Appliquée, from the Ecole Polytechnique, who works on stochastic models, with application to probabilistic modelling of ecology and biodiversity.

Prof. Manuel Castro Diaz, from the University of Malaga works on mathematical models and simulation of geophysical flows, and is part of a group of applied mathematicians specialized in models governed by non conservative hyperbolic equations. They have done impressive simulations of the flow in the Strait of Gibraltar, tsunamis, avalanches, sedimentary flows, and other relevant flows of geophysical interest.

Dr. Pascal Bolcato, from Mentor Graphics, is a leader in electronic design automation software. Dr. Bolcato has several patents under his name, mainly on analog and radio frequency signal simulator environments.

Prof. Andrea Ferrari, from the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge is Professor of Nanotechnology and Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder, and Brian Mercer Award for innovation in 2007. He is also the Director of the Cambridge Graphene Centre. He is a world leader expert in nanotechnologies and spectroscopy, with a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from experiments to theory and modelling.

Prof. Peter Smereka, University of Michigan, and Prof. Dragica Vasileska, Arizona State University are well-known in the field of mathematical modeling of materials and semiconductors. In particular, Prof. Smereka is an expert on numerical simulation of epitaxial growth, while Prof. Vasileska has a great experience on the mathematical modeling of semiconductor devices. Dr. Benedetto Vigna, is Executive Vice President General Manager, Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group of ST-Microelectronics and is a world expert in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. Dr. Joerg Kienitz, head of Quantitative Analysis, who works on mathematical modeling in finance, and is co-author of a recent book on the subject, Financial Modelling – Theory, Implementation and Practice with matlab source, ublished by Wiley Finance in 2012.

Dr. Claudio Albanese is the CEO of Global Valuation Limited, a firm founded by Albanese in 2006, which provides software-hardware solutions for portfolio valuation and simulation. Dr. Albanese has been professor in several prestigious Universities, such as Imperial College, and University of Toronto.

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