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Mathematics meets Industry day 2022

December 7, 2022

Mathematics meets Industry at the 6th Mellroth-Muntean day (MIMM® day) at Karlstad University. Companies propose scientific challenges. Teams of mathematicians consisting of senior researchers, doctoral and university students as well as upper secondary students work together to come up with solution strategies to the proposed problem.



Companies propose scientific challenges to mathematicians, i.e. problems involving relevant unsolved  technological or societal issues in search for a suitable solution. The expected outcome includes: solutions to the posed problems, training of all participants, opportunities for further collaboration.

Problems 2022



During the MIMM® day, teams will be formed to attack the industrial problems. Each team will be composed of mathematicians with very different levels of seniority, i.e. senior researchers (1), doctoral students (1-3), university students (2-3) and upper secondary students (2-3). The problem owners from the companies will also join the teams. The working language will be English.

Senior researchers, doctoral and university students enrolled in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at KAU have priority in registering to the event. However, the participation is open to all scientists or university students from KAU or from elsewhere in Sweden.

Upper secondary pupils studying science or technical programs, or another comparable direction in a Swedish school, are welcome to join. Participants must be creative and show interest in mathematics. Please write a brief motivation letter and explain why you want to take part in the MIMM® day. A short recommendation letter from a mentor or a teacher in mathematics, physics or technics is appreciated.

Program of the MiMM day

Meeting point, Karlstad University, room 5C329

08:30 – the room 5C329 opens – all participants are welcome to fika

08:50 – Opening of the MiMM day

09:00 – Presentation of  the SAAB AB data reduction problem in 5C329 – plenary talk

09:15 – Presentation of  the SAAB AB Boltzmann problem – plenary talk.

09:20 – Presentation of  the Kongsberg AB trailing edge design problem – plenary talk.

09:35 – 11:30 – Working in teams: team SAAB data reduction in 5C329, team SAAB Boltzmann in 5C324 and online, team Kongsberg in 5C325  (zoom link will be provided to the team directly)

11:30 – 12:30 – Lunch

12:30 – 15:00 – Working in teams

15:00 – 15:15 – Fika

15:15 – 17:00 – Working in teams

17:00 – Presentations of solutions to all problems. Questions. Evaluation of the problem owners (both in 5C329 and online)

18:00 – Closing of the MiMM Day


December 7, 2022


Karlstad University

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