Happy Pi Day! Happy International Day Of Mathematics!

March 14 is a very special date for mathematicians. Today we celebrate 𝝅-Day, which is derived from the American date notation 3/14 – like the first digits of Pi. The day is traditionally celebrated by eating circular cakes together, at best with a 20-centimeter base.

In 2019, UNESCO has decided to celebrate on this day worldwide in honor of mathematics. So, since 2020, March 14 will also be celebrated as International Day Of Mathematics. For this purpose, events and activities are organized worldwide – for students, in research, for the general public in schools, museums and libraries. The theme of this year’s Mathematics Day is »Mathematics for Everyone«.

On our website, we show you what math can do and what math is all about – without formulas and circles, understandable for everyone: https://www.itwm.fraunhofer.de/25.
More about the worldwide action around this day, read more on the official website : www.idm314.org

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