Six Postdoc Positions at iMAT Research Unit within Qualifica Excellence Program

The iMAT research unit is looking for highly-talented applicants for six post-doctoral positions within the Andalusia Region Qualifica Excellence Program.

The postdoctoral fellows are expected to apply to one or two (at most) of the strategic iMAT research topics described below:

Topic 1: Mathware for the operation and planning of intelligent and sustainable energy systems.

Topic 2: Complex and harmonic analysis, operator theory, and special functions.

Topic 3: Control, Controllability and Inverse Problems for PDEs. Applications.

Topic 4: Post-quantum cryptanalysis: group theory, complexity and machine learning.

Topic 5: Sustainable logistics and transportation: Optimization algorithms.

Topic 6: Reduced Order Modeling techniques for advection dominated geophysical flows.

Topic 7: Mathematics applications for biological systems.

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