Mathematics for Industry Network – 2 years on

As the Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET) prepared to launch their 3rd year of events we considered it timely to reflect back on our achievements.

Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET) was set up as a COST Action in May 2015. Our main objective is to facilitate more effective widespread application of mathematics to all industrial sectors, by encouraging interaction between mathematicians and industrialists, in particular through 1. industry-driven problem solving workshops 2. academia-driven training and secondments.


MI-NET started as a small network of 15 countries and has now grown to include 31 countries.

In total, we have supported over 46 events, which include 8 Industrial Workshops, 8 European Study Groups with Industry (ESGI), 5 Modelling Weeks, and 23 Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) to both academic and industrial hosts. For our 3rd year of activity we are projected to deliver in the excess of 22 events which will include 4 ESGI (in PortugalSpain, Slovenia, and Cyprus), 7 Industrial workshops (Austria, Portugal – Aveiro and Coimbra,  Israel, Switzerland, Hungary and Cyprus), 5 Modelling Weeks ( UK, SpainIrelandIsrael and Macedonia) and at least 4 STSMs.

In recognition of our successful last two years we were pleased to hear news of an increased budget for the next financial year and to be invited to apply for a 10-15 minute slot at the press briefing of this year’s European Conference for Science Journalists (Copenhagen, 26-30 June). Our Action was also specifically mentioned by European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, at the ‘Inspiring researchers, strengthening Europe-Portugal in the spotlight’ day.

Last year we were particularly excited to support the 1st Industrial workshop in Switzerland as well as the 1st study group with industry in Cyprus (ESGI125). Next year, we are looking forward to, amongst other events, hosting the 1st modelling week in Israel.

We are confident that by exploiting the mathematical knowledge and methodologies of academics we are providing European industry with a competitive advantage. Universities are benefiting, as mathematicians are able to focus on particularly relevant and cutting edge research problems. The training of Early-Career Investigators in particular is creating a generation with problem solving and communication skills and collaborative links that will be essential to maintain the goals of this Action in the future long after this funding has finished.

We have captured reports from study groups and modelling weeks as well as blogs from participants who have shared their experience while attending our events. If you are interested in joining MI-NET or would like to apply for funding to support an activity in the world of industrial mathematics please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

MI-NET is currently undertaking a survey about the activities delivered to date. Do you have ideas? Suggestions? Feedback? Something to report back? We would love to hear from you Please note that the survey will close 1st August 2017. 






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