3 day Agri-Food Study Group, Bath, Jan 2017 – Researchers needed!

Agri-Food Study Group with Industry
16 – 18 January 2017
Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI), University of Bath

In collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network, IMI is pleased to host the Agri-Food Mathematical Science Study Group with Industry at the University of Bath, from 16-18 January 2017.

The Agri-Food industry and supply chain contributes around £100bn to the UK economy. This three-day workshop brings mathematicians and industrialists together to work side by side to address important challenges that UK Agri-Food companies are facing today.

Brief Problem Descriptions:
Optimising the Design of Polythene Hydroponic Beds – Phytoponics Ltd
Optimising Sugar Beet Harvest – Rezatec Ltd
Developing a “Full Value Pig” Model from Historical Data – Innovent Technology

For further information, and to register please see http://www.esgi.org.uk/.

Registration closes on 12 December 2016.


  1. […] The event began with presentations to all participants from each of company representatives, describing a problem they currently faced, and what they were hoping to achieve over the study […]

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