The RTG “Stochastic Models for Innovations in the Engineering Sciences”

My name is Anne Meurer and I’m a PhD student at the Mathematics Department of the University of Kaiserslautern. I’m part of the DFG Research Training Group 1932 “Stochastic Models for Innovations in the Engineering Sciences, an interdisciplinary graduate school from mathematics and engineering sciences.

partikel_vieleThe research is divided into four projects, with different technical applications like production processes with fiber and droplet dynamics,system on chip design and Monte Carlo Hardware acceleration, image processing for the characterization of local properties of multiphase materials and the stochastic
modeling of the micro structure of fiber-reinforced concrete based on 3D image analysis.

In my project, which is called production processes with fiber and droplet dynamics, we are interested in the movement of bubbles inside extraction columns which is used to separate liquid compounds, for example for acid recovery. For this chemical process it is essential to approximate the shape of these bubbles which are mostly spherical or ellipsoi


In this project we are more concentrated on ellipsoidal shaped particles.Hence, we consider an ellipsoidal particle model where the motion of the particle is influenced by the velocity field of the surrounding fluid andby the interaction between the particles. In a small experimental set u, we analyzed the orientation of solid ellipsoidal particles inside a channel and compared the experimental with the numerical results of our model.