21th International Conference Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2016)


The conference takes place June 1 – 4, 2016, in Tartu, Estonia.

Conference organizers

  • European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry
  • Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania)
  • Estonian Mathematical Society

The Conference focuses on various aspects of mathematical modelling and usage of numerical methods in modern problems of science and engineering. It aims, in particular, to foster cooperation among various specialists in this field. Working language of the Conference is English.

The conference will take place in the conference-center of the hotel “Dorpat” http://www.dorpat.ee/Welcome in the center of Tartu. Authors should submit abstracts before March 15, 2016. More information about the accommodation possibilities and registration will be sent in the first announcement in September, 2015.

Main topics

  • Modelling and Analysis of  Problems of Mathematical Physics and Engineering
  • Approximation Methods for Differential, Integral and Operator Equations
  • Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems
  • Optimization and Splines

The scientific program includes invited plenary talks (40 min) and contributed talks (20 min).

International Program Committee

H. Brunner (Canada, China), A. Buikis (Latvia), J. Cepitis (Latvia), R. Ciegis (Lithuania), F. Gaspar (Spain), U. Hämarik (Estonia), Z. Jackiewicz (USA), J. Janno (Estonia), B. Kaltenbacher (Austria), P. Mathe (Germany), P. Matus (Belarus), M. Meilunas (Lithuania), Z. Nashed (USA), O. Nevanlinna (Finland), P. Oja (Estonia), A. Pedas (Estonia), S. Pereverzyev (Austria), M. Radziunas (Germany), T. Reginska (Poland), A. Reinfelds (Latvia), F. Sadyrbaev (Latvia), M. Sapagovas (Lithuania), G. Shishkin (Russia), I.H. Sloan (Australia), A. Štikonas (Lithuania), G. Vainikko (Estonia), V. Vasin (Russia)

Organizing Committee: A. Pedas (Chairman), R. Ciegis (Vice-chairman), U. Hämarik (Vice-chairman), U. Kangro, M. Kolk, K. Lätt, P. Miidla, P. Oja, T. Raus, M. Vikerpuur.

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